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At First Assembly, we believe in reaching our community in practical ways. We do this through a few programs.


The Compassion Ministry has been ministering through three branches that each fill a specific need in our church family. We believe in showing support, love, and care in a tangible way to those needing a hand.
One of the branches of the Compassion Ministry is Home-Supplied Meals for those who have recently underwent surgery, new mothers, as well as others in need due to other circumstances.
Compassion has a Home Visitation program where people who would like a visit, whether in nursing homes or in their own home, are able able to have a great conversation with one of our leaders.
We also have Hospital Visitations, where individuals who are in the hospital are able to have visits from one of our pastors or our leaders on a regular basis, or when asked.
If you would like to learn more about this program, please contact the church office and we'd love to get you connected!


The Clothing Centre was created to provide an opportunity to clothe those in need. Offered to Medicine Hat and the surrounding community, the Clothing Centre aims to ensure that no one goes without clothes.

Drop in on Tuesdays from 1:15PM - 4:00PM or on Sundays immediately after the service to browse through our collection.

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