First Youth

At First Youth, our heart is to provide students in our community with a safe and fun environment to be themselves, make new friends, and see how Jesus can impact their daily life. With the help of our First Youth team, we actively try to demonstrate how to "Love God, Serve Others" and how to "Reach Our World." Don't wait - come hang this week!


TUESDAY  //  7PM  //  GRADE 9 TO 12


THURSDAY  //  7PM  //  GRADE 5 TO 8

Youth Camp 2021

 5 days of day camps for students here at First Assembly. This will be filled with games, activities, trips to Echodale, and massive prizes to be won! Lunch, dinner, and snacks will be provided. We will end our large group activities at 10PM. On the last night we will offer an afterparty from 10PM-12AM for students who want to stay up later (we will provide transportation home for those wanting to stay for the afterparty).