First Youth

At First Youth, our heart is to provide students in our community with a safe and fun environment to be themselves, make new friends, and see how Jesus can impact their daily life. With the help of our First Youth team, we actively try to demonstrate how to "Love God, Serve Others" and how to "Reach Our World." Don't wait - come hang this week!


TUESDAY  //  7PM  //  GRADE 9 TO 12


THURSDAY  //  7PM  //  GRADE 5 TO 8

First Team

First Team is our form of student leadership here at First Youth. However, First Team is nothing but a bunch of ordinary students rising up to serve their church, school and community – In the process, students will discover their story, learn how to communicate it, and understand why they need to share their stories.


Yth Camp 22

Yth Camp 22.jpeg

The time has finally come, Yth Camp 22 is happening! 2 years ago we decided to do in-house summer camps at an affordable cost so that every student could experience camp. Quickly we outgrew having just one week of camp. This year we are splitting middle school and high school into two different camps. High school day camp will be July 31st - August 4th and middle school August 14th - August 17th. For more information and to register please click one of the two links below.

Sunday Morning Middle School Service

Our heart is that every age group that walks through our doors on a Sunday morning can take something away from it. Here at First we want to inspire our students with relevant and understandable teaching. Middle schoolers join the congregation every Sunday for worship, communion and special announcements then proceed to go downstairs for teaching.

Youth Sunday Morning Service.png